Blog Tour: Truths I never told you by Kelly Rimmer


Today is my stop on the tour! I’m so glad I got invited and let me tell you, this one makes the perfect quarantine read.

So, what’s this book is about?

It’s starts with Grace in the 50’s and her struggle with what we would call post partum depression today. Then we meet her daughter Beth, with her own struggles in the 90’s. She finds letters at her dad’s house and discovers in them some family truths. Then the story unfolds in this dual timeline that I founded very riveting.

I loved how you were transported to the 50’s and see how things were at the time and then brought back to years later. Since these women were dealing with almost the same issues and society’s pressure it might read a bit repetitive but I was invested regardless. The feminist movement and gender role issues are very well represented in my opinion. I felt for each character as the story went by and even thought I haven’t has post partum depression I could easily connect with the struggles motherhood brings.

I can definitely say that this was my first Kelly Rimmer novel but surely won’t be the last! Thanks to Harlequin Grayson House for the opportunity!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Stars

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