Blog Tour: The Last Affair

Autor: Margot Hunt

Pub: November 2019

Rating: 3.5/5

Today is my turn to talk about Margot Hunt latest novel The Last Affair. I loved her last one For better or worse (check out my thoughts) and I was super excited to read this one.

So, what is this novel about?


Gwen Landon—poster woman for perfect wife, mother, and suburban bliss—is found brutally bludgeoned to death behind her Floridian McMansion. Beautiful and beloved by her community, Gwen makes an unlikely victim. But just a scratch below the surface of her perfectly curated world reveals one far more sinister. When looking back over the six months leading up to her death, the question of, “who would do this?” quickly shifts to, “who wouldn’t?” 

Commercially successful food blogger and mother of three, Nora Holliday never imagined she would have the nerve, let alone time, to get involved an affair. Trapped in an unhappy marriage, she does whatever it takes to keep it all together. But when Nora runs into Gwen Landon’s husband at a hotel in Orlando, his easy kindness and warmth proves too tempting to resist. As their affair spirals dangerously out of control, it seems things can’t get more complicated—until Gwen turns up dead.

Now, how does that sounds? Each character here had flaws and somewhat relatable personalities. We learn Gwen turns out dead at the very beginning and later on the novel I could tell why somebody would want her dead. Very nasty woman who thinks she deserves more than the life she ended up having. Josh, her husband wants to divorce her after he meets Nora.


I almost felt sorry for Nora because one slip and her life went down hill. Even though her marriage hasn’t been a good one at all. Her husband Carter gave me the chills honestly.

And we have Abby, Gwen’s daughter, oh my… Bless her heart.

If I compare this one to For better and worse I would say it wasn’t as gripping and heart racing. With that being said, this one does have the murder mystery that every reader love. But I felt that it was a bit slow at times.

Overall, it was as good as any other who-dunnit novel. Highly suggest to give it a try as well her past novel because it was one of my favorites!

*Thanks so much to MIRA Books and the Harper Collins family for the invitation on this tour*